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Metrology and Calibration

Radiation monitoring systems can only be reliable when accurate and properly calibrated measuring instruments are used. Our products in the field of metrology and calibration are long term verified in our own accredited laboratory and in similar workplaces built by VF for its customers worldwide.

Metrology and CalibrationIn the field of metrology and calibration we specialize in:

  • Design and supply of complete metrological secondary standard dosimetry laboratories for metrological institutes, nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, military and civil defence, producers of ionizing measurement radiation instrumentation, as well as other customers;
  • Design and manufacturing of collimated gamma irradiators, panoramic gamma irradiators, beta irradiators, neutron irradiators, calibration benches, safety systems, special calibrators, phantoms, data management and control systems and other related accessories.
  • Systems for the measurement and standardization of radionuclide activities suited for the establishment of national activity standards;
  • Provision of calibration services in accredited laboratory in the Czech Republic.

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Products for Metrology and Calibration