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Radioactive Waste Management

VF is a major supplier of equipment for radioactive waste management with a focus on waste assay monitors and free release monitors. Our most prominent customers are licensed nuclear facilities both in operation and under decommissioning.

Free Release MonitorVF offers a range of products and solutions for radioactive waste management and safe and economical disposal of ionizing radiation sources. Due to the decommissioning and dismantling of older nuclear facilities, such as nuclear power plants, fuel fabrication plants, re-processing plants or research reactors, there is an increased interest worldwide in solutions which include free release of waste into the environment.
Our products are often customized to varying national regulations in order to maximize its performance and minimize the cost of waste disposal. We have experience in the design and supply of:

  • Decontamination and waste treatment systems;
  • Waste Assay Monitors for the characterization of radioactive waste according to the level, type and distribution of activity;
  • Free Release Monitors which allow the free release (clearance) of waste into the environment;
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic loading systems and conveyors.
  • Information systems and databases of radioactive waste, measurement results, calculations and limitations of stored activities and tracking the movement of containers with radioactive waste;
  • Design and construction of Hot Cells for work with high-level activities up to 8,000 TBq (Co-60);
  • Supply, replacement, handling and safe disposal of ionizing radiation sources.

Products for Radioactive Waste Management