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About the company

VF, a.s. is a successful and reliable partner in the field of Radiation Protection and Monitoring and Radioactive Waste Management that provides its clients with flexible, technologically advanced, high quality solutions tailored to the client's needs and expectations.

The high level of quality found in VF products and solutions is made possible thanks to a team of specialists with experience from many different projects in Radiation Protection and Monitoring and Radioactive Waste Management not only in the Czech Republic, but in many other countries worldwide.

VF incorporates a high quality technology base, with which we are able to fulfil the high industry standards in Radiation Protection and Monitoring at competitive costs. Our technological base includes among others:

  • A Technology Centre designed specifically for the research and development of new products for Radiation Protection and Monitoring
  • A Production Base that secures the production of all our products and the completion of complex systems
  • An Implementation & Service Centre that is responsible for the design and completion of all projects, as well as providing service not only for our own systems, but those of other manufacturers as well
  • An Accredited Metrological Laboratory for ionizing radiation
  • A Hot Cell for work with high-activity ionizing radiation sources
  • A Training Centre to teach and share experiences in Radiation Protection and Monitoring and Radioactive Waste Management

The five main areas, in which we offer our products and solutions, include:

Orders are carried out completely from the processing of studies, design and other documentation, all the way up to delivery of the product, development and implementation of SW, installation and complete testing of the systems on-site, as well as training the client during hand-over. Furthermore, we offer our clients complete warranty and after-warranty service.

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