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Medical Industry

The Medical Industry uses sources of ionizing radiation for many different diagnostic and treatment purposes. VF offers a wide range of products and complex solutions in the field of radiation protection and radiation monitoring to medical centres and facilities.

Production of Hand and Foot Monitors at VFVF supplies a wide range of radiation monitors and other products and services:

  • Design and supply of radiation monitoring systems for radiation protection in PET centres and cyclotron facilities including area gamma monitors, directional dose rate meters, neutron flux monitors, stack air monitors and liquid effluent monitors;
  • Design and construction of systems for controlled release of liquid waste from nuclear medicine workplaces;
  • Installed and portable contamination monitors, survey meters, portable activity meters, or sample analysis systems;
  • Portable and laboratory instruments (and high volume air samplers);
  • Solutions for personnel dosimetry, personnel doses management systems using passive dosimeters and active electronic dosimeters;
  • Solid waste monitors;
  • Laboratory irradiators for medical use;
  • Complete legislative and technical support for places of work with ionizing radiation sources (radiodiagnostic workplaces, radiotherapeutic workplaces and nuclear medicine departments);
  • Methodical support for the design and development of local radiological standards and the set-up of diagnostic referential levels.

Products for Medical Industry