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VOPV-10 Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

The VOPV-10 high-volume air sampler is intended for air sampling of very high volumes allowing for follow-up contamination measurement. It is typically utilised for the sampling and evaluation of radioactive aerosols, particulates, etc. in the contaminated air.

Vysokoobjemový prosávač vzduchu VOPV-10
  • Model line: K0547
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The VOPV-10 Digital High-volume Air Sampler intended for air sampling on filter media with adjustable flow rate. It is used for the sampling and consequent evaluation of radioactive aerosols, particulates, and other compounds in the contaminated air.

The radioactive pollutants retained on the filter can be subsequently analysed in a laboratory and the nuclide specific volume activities can be calculated.

Considering its high performance, low maintenance demands and simple operation, the VOPV-10 air sampler can be utilised as follows:

  • sampling unit for the operative activity measurements of aerosols and iodines in working and outdoor environment air
  • sampling unit for continuous activity measurements (and reporting) of aerosols and iodines in air taken from ventilation stacks
  • sampling unit in outdoor environmental monitoring stations
  • sampling unit for low-energy applications


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THE DATASHEET Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

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  • VOPV-10 s napájecím adaptérem
  • VOPV-10 držák filtru

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